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Hypnotherapist Certification Training 2015

Hypnotherapist Certification Training 2015

Join Us for “Certified Hypnotherapist Certification Training” with Rainya Dann!  California Sessions begin June 13, 2015.  “Training” is for non-professionals seeking tools for personal transformation, or for professionals seeking certification under one of the best Hypnotherapist Certification and NLP training programs anywhere!

Hypnotherapist Certification Training 2015 Santa Cruz CaliforniaTraining Price Information 2015Hypnotherapist Certification Training 2015: “Introduction to Hypnosis & NLP”

Fundamentals of Hypnotherapy – 2 Days – June 13~14
History of Hypnosis, misconceptions about Hypnosis, functions of Hypnotherapy, suggestibility testing, different levels of trance, use of the voice, inducing and deepening trance, the inner sanctuary, stress reduction strategies, accessing subconscious wisdom, 7 rules of creating dynamic suggestions, personal script writing, posthypnotic suggestion, Erickson metaphor, self-hypnosis, double and triple inductions.

Fundamentals of NLP #2 – 2 Days – June 27~28
NLP presuppositions, the mastermind principle, rapport building skills for clients, techniques in calibration, representational systems and anchoring. Protocol for client interview for reaching achievable goals. Powerful NLP patterns to change unwanted habits, reduce stress, and build motivation towards success.

The Transpersonal Approach – 2 Days – July 11~12
Hypnosis to contact inner resources for physical, emotional, and spiritual growth, finding the inner healer within, accessing the Higher Self and expanding intuition. Learn the Alchemical Journey to contact inner guides for rapid personal change. Separate the story from what is real. Recognizing what is eternally awake is what you are.

Upon completion of this 50-hour hypnotherapist certification training, students will be able to successfully take an individual into hypnosis and give post hypnotic suggestions to support their goals. Students will be given over 40 hypnotic inductions for self hypnosis, group inductions, as well as for developing competency in accessing inner resources for personal and professional transformation. You will learn how to master state of the art language patterns that will help you to be more clear, persuasive, and articulate in all areas of your life. You will also learn deep relaxation processes to reset your nervous system, enabling you to deal with stress in a healthier way.

Hypnotherapist Certification Training 2015: “Hypnosis and Voice Dialogue

50 Hours 3 weekends July 25 ~26 & August 8~9 & 29~30
Prerequisite for Certification: Introduction to Hypnosis & NLP. Can also be taken as a stand alone Class. For stand alone certification, an additional 10 Hours of Lab / Off Campus Assignments, will be required.

The Voice Dialogue Process: The psychology of “selves”, “parts”, or energy patterns. Discover your “primary” and “disowned” selves. Learn techniques for integrating the many facets or inner selves of the psyche. Learn to establish proper boundaries. Transform the unconscious struggle of opposites. Disengage from old automatic, reactive patterns and become more fully alive in the present. Discover the gifts each self offers. Create greater choice, consciousness and flexibility in client’s life. How to utilize “parts” work in trance. Understanding dreams as a steady guide that is particularly valuable in uncertain times.

Upon completion of this 50-hour hypnotherapist certification training, individuals and professionals will walk away with a broad set of skills that can be applied towards personal growth and business development. You will be given techniques for transforming emotional triggers you have with others so you can experience a deeper sense of calm and resolve issues more quickly. Voice Dialogue is known to enrich and broaden services offered by Nurses, Body Workers, MFT’s and Life Coaches.

Hypnotherapist Certification Training 2015: “Master Hypnotist”

50 Hours – Prerequisite: Introduction to Hypnosis & NLP

Healing the Wounds of the Past – 3 Days – September 12, 13, 26
Course includes: Identify core issues, clear up unfinished business through age regression, emotional release processes, embrace the child within, the Alchemical approach to dealing with resistance to feeling emotions. Transform traumatic memories into positive resources of safety, empowerment, and wisdom. Skills to create a relationship with the inner child.

NLP Technology – 1 Day – September 27
Course includes: Milton Erickson Model of language patterns, verbal reframing, Internal conflict resolution, anchor integration, change history, clearing phobias and apply NLP processes to health issues. Neuro-linguistic programming methods that integrate into hypnotherapy sessions.

Healing The Body/Mind – 1 Day – October 17
Course includes:The psychological component to disease, Hypnosis to assist in releasing limiting beliefs, Pain control techniques for acute and chronic pain. Use metaphoric Hypnosis to create a better state of health and greater success in healing.

Past Life Regression – 1 Day – October 18
Course includes: Hypnosis to access past lives to understand confusing relationships, unwanted patterns and discover hidden resources. Explore past life personalities to achieve greater personal empowerment, creativity and healing abilities. Learn 5 past life theories and definitions of karma.

Upon completion of this 50-hour hypnotherapist certification training, individuals and professionals will be rewarded with a deep and profound sense of self. You will be given the tools required for observing negative programming, outdated and archaic belief systems, and debilitating fears so you can move more fluidly in the present moment. You will learn how to stay centered and point yourself in a direction that is powerful and purposeful. You will also learn how to guide others through their past lives to heal trauma’s and assist them in gaining a sense of personal safety and empowerment.

Hypnotherapist Certification Training 2015: Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT)

50 Hours – Prerequisite: Master Hypnotist

Specific Protocols and Overview – 2 Days – October 31~ November 1
12 processes to support weight loss reduction, smoking cessation, visualizations to support cancer clients, relief from insomnia, headaches, back pain, pre-operative and post-operative Hypnosis protocol. Discussion of what process to use for client’s specific needs and client intake forms.

Course Review and Supervision – 2 Days – November 14~15
Advanced NLP Techniques, clinical case practice and supervision, assessment techniques and professional interview skills. Instructions for making your own hypnosis MP3 downloads, and how to set up and facilitate workshops. Review and final examination.

Setting Up A Professional Practice – 2 Days – December 5~6
Advertising, marketing opportunities, office management, ethical and legal aspects of business, conditions that warrant referral, transference and counter-transference issues. Clarification of life purpose and mission statement. How to set up a therapeutic ritual to mark a change in client’s life. Review of examination and graduation ritual.

Upon completion of this 50-hour hypnotherapist certification training, you will have an in-depth knowing for when to use the techniques acquired through this training. With practice and supervised attention you will gain the confidence you need to work with clients in your niche market. You will also learn how to work with clients over multiple sessions by offering them a progressive path towards greater levels of clarity and achievement.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCHT)

50 Hours – Continuation of above training

NLP Re-Imprinting and The Dynamic Spin Process – 2 Days – January 23~24
Change behaviors that you want to stop doing but can’t. Add resources to important experiences (those experiences where we formed beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world) so that new, positive beliefs can be formed. Learn The Dynamic Spin Release. Eliminate critical voices and unwanted habits. Advanced methods for identifying and letting go of limiting core beliefs.

Clinical Case Practice and Relationship Trance – 2 Days – February 6~7
Communication processes, parentchild trance-regression, release enmeshment with NLP processes, discover core patterns and align relationships towards deeper love and commitment. Clinical case practice and supervision.

NLP Neuro-Linguistic Strategies and Children’s Hypnosis – 2 Days – February 20~21
Learn direct and indirect suggestion, the meta model, and the Six Step Reframing technique for clearing habits, disease, and unwanted patterns of behavior. Techniques for Childbirth preparation. Hands on practice with clinical supervision. The spiritual implications of Hypnotherapy.

Upon completion of this 50-hour hypnotherapist certification training, your competency as a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist will significantly deepen. With a broader skill set you will be able to address clients of most any age, background, or issue. By combining the power of NLP with Hypnotherapy you will be highly effective in working with yourself and others. You will also feel confidant and assured when guiding your peers through transforming their core life issues.



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