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Our Los Gatos events schedule includes FREE events, transformational workshops, certification training and more. The Institute also offers complimentary consultations with Director Rainya Dann by phone or in-person in the inspiring setting of the Institute headquarters in Santa Cruz, or at the beautiful new satellite office in Los Gatos, California. All inquiries are welcome! For more information call/text 831-247-2622 or email the Institute.  No reservations required for the FREE Saturday morning Meetup Events.

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Almost every Saturday morning we host you and your friends for a FREE relaxing gathering to hear a topical presentation and discussion session by Rainya Dann.  Then, if you want, stay in the afternoon for a $20 session that goes more in depth on the topic when Rainya can also help you focus directly on personal goals with you.
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FREE Meetups

The intention of these gatherings is to create a safe place to inspire and enrich peoples lives. Move from victim to creator, ego into essence, and enjoy the support of like minded people.

Sample Meetup Topics include:

FREE Meetup Event: “Introduction to Hypnosis”
Learn how hypnosis can heal the source of emotional pain and release core limiting beliefs. Hypnosis can help you release pain and disease, lose weight, heal relationships, and overcome addictions. Are you ready to awaken the power of your subconscious mind to heal your body and your life?

FREE Meetup Event:Self Hypnosis For Stress Relief”
Learn a Six-Second Mini Relaxation Technique called the Quieting Reflex. It is used to cope with urgent and emergent stress. This process throws off the impact of stress in your life.It is adapted from the work of Dr. Charles F. Stroebel, M.D.

FREE Meetup Event:Hypnotherapy and Functional Boundaries”
Boundary systems are invisible and symbolic “fences” that have three purposes. Learn how to develop your own healthy internal and external boundaries. Learn how to deal with criticism in a constructive way.  We will be using hypnotherapy to visualize maintaining our boundaries.

FREE Meetup Event: Hypnosis And Loving Kindness”
Hypnosis can uproot personal mythologies of isolation and can uncover the radiant, joyful heart within. Over 2,500 years ago the Buddha taught a systematic, integrated path that moves the heart out of isolating contraction into connection. Exploring lovingkindness gives us a deeper commitment to caring for others and loving ones self.

FREE Meetup Event:Hypnotherapy and Loving Yourself”
Learn creative exercises to increase your willingness to love yourself. Take this journey to your own center. Find out what the blocks are to loving yourself. Learn how to stop seeking love and be the source of love!

FREE Meetup Event: “Hypnotherapy and Finding Clarity”
You can be in one of two places: in a memory or in the present moment. One is a dream world, and one is reality. All things exist only in the present. Be guided to the deeper levels of your being through deep relaxation and self exploration.

FREE Meetup Event: “Manifest Your Specific Dreams”
Learn a fun and easy experiential process to quickly dissolve fear. Learn how to create what you DO want rather than what you worry about. Bring a dream you would like to manifest. As we change our minds we can change our life!

FREE Meetup Event: “The Forgiveness Process”
Holding onto anger and resentment is like picking up burning embers ready to throw it at someone, while burning your own hand. We will discuss 4 good reasons to let go of old burdens. Learn a powerful process to release and let go of past hurts. Give yourself the gift of freedom.

FREE Meetup Event: “Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) ”
“You can’t solve it with the same thinking that created it” Learn an effective NLP process to support you in understanding your relationships with a partner, friend, child or co-worker. It is said 93% of communication is non verbal. Learn how to communicate on a deeper level.

FREE Meetup Event: “Hypnotherapy and NLP Introduction”
Learn about the fascinating history of hypnosis. Are you longing to reduce stress and have more time for yourself? Are you looking for ways to increase self-acceptance and balance while giving yourself permission to play more in life? Experience the magical and healing power of hypnosis.

FREE Meetup Event: “Spiritual Hypnosis”
Learn how you can relax into natural and innate resources deep within you. Hypnosis can be a doorway to the divine. This experiential event will open you up to more possibilities in your life. Bring a goal you would like to explore on a sacred journey and appreciate the deep creative consciousness that lives within you.

FREE Meetup Event: “Deep Relaxation and Hypnosis”
Hypnosis is a natural state of deep physical and mental relaxation. Learn a simple self hypnosis process you can use to release stress, inspire creativity, and move towards your goals in life. Receive anti stress support from kindred Spirits.

FREE Meetup Event: “NLP Is Effective and Easy To Learn”
Are you ready to change a habit? This morning you will be given the tool to change any simple habit. Do you forget where you put your keys or do you unconsciously drop your clothes on the floor or forget to turn a light off? Join us for a lively opportunity to be supported to change a simple habit.

FREE Meetup Event: “Introduction to Hypnosis”
Hypnosis is a natural state of deep physical and mental relaxation. Learn simple self -hypnosis processes that can support you in getting a good nights sleep and release daily stress. Learn about the 4 neuro muscular locks that keep us in fearful patterns and how to release them.

FREE Meetup Event: “The Healing Power Of Your Subconscious”
Our conscious mind is like the tip of the iceberg and our subconscious mind is like 9/10th of the iceberg. Hypnotherapy can help you access the deeper, more powerful part of yourself. Learn how to listen to your inner wisdom to solve your problems and generate new ideas in your life.

FREE Meetup Event: “Hypnotherapy Training”
Join us to learn simple hypnosis skills.” The more you relax the better you feel”. Hypnosis is a natural state that feels good. Experience how easy it is to go in and out of trance. Release stress and drop deeper into your essence.

FREE Meetup Event: “Change Your Mind and Change Your Life”
We are manifestations of what we believe and how we are programmed. Learn how you can re program your subconscious mind and move towards what you want to create in life. NLP is a simple and easy modality for self change.

FREE Meetup Event: “Enriching Your Life”
Are you sick and tired of the old programs in your head? Are your ready to be self empowered for the rest of your life? Join us to learn one of the countless techniques you could learn in Hawaii taking the Hypnotherapy Training. “Become the change you wish to see”.


The WealthyMind™ Seminar in Santa Cruz
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Weekend Seminar, $249.
A practical skill-based weekend where you will learn cutting edge skills to identify and change the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Learn how to get closure and “drop off” things that are limiting your success and wealth. Discover family themes that affect your success. Learn a powerful Belief Change Process. Discover the Seven Cycles of Universal Change.

“Breath” Workshops ~ A doorway to the Divine
Inquire about other dates upcoming!

This Breath Workshop provides a powerful container for deep transformation and the opportunity to accelerate your own personal and spiritual growth. “The Sanskrit word for breath is ‘prana,’ meaning ‘life-force,’ the vital energy that flows through your being. As you learn specific breathing techniques the respiratory system, releases repressed emotions and raises your vibration  At the end of a breath session you will be guided to connect with the true essence of your being, your Higher Self.  Afternoon sessions are designed to integrate the learnings from the experiential morning session. NLP, Hypnotherapy and Self Inquiry are tools used to envision taking the wisdom into daily life.

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