Certification Training – Learn Hypnosis – NLP

Certification Training – Learn Hypnosis, NLP and Beyond: For Professionals, Individuals, Families, and Companies

Hypnotherapy Certification Training California and Hawaii

Official Certification and
Transformative Classes
Short Courses all Year Long in California
Or Hawaii Training Retreat

Certification training and learning hypnosis and NLP is both professional and/or personal improvement. It’s the perfect thing to do for learning proven techniques for healing, empowerment and communication clarity.  You can enter the profession of Hypnotherapy that offers others proven healing and empowerment techniques such as Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP), Voice Dialogue and much more.  OR learn this empowering technology to ADD IT your professional or personal skill set such as physical therapy, nursing, caretaking, life coaching, business consulting, etc. Learning hypnotherapy and related tools is great for professionals or anyone else who wants training in a variety of proven tools for transformation. Many couples, families, work groups at companies take hypnotherapy certification and NLP training courses simply to gain the power to acheive short-term goals or enhance life-long journies. Learning hypnosis and all the techniques we teach will enhance the joy and success in your own life and in the lives of everyone you ever know.

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Certification Training: Learn Hypnosis and NLP in Los Gatos, Hawaii, or Santa Cruz

For Professional Healers and Motivators:

If you are already working with clients in other healing-based or motivational professions such as nursing, physical therapy, business consulting, coaching, etc, you will quickly value this new professional skill set.  You can also start a career in Hypnotherapy and NLP with the official certification you can earn from The Institute for Transpersonal Studies.

For Non-Professionals – Anyone Seeking Tools for Transformation:

Many “regular” people, couples, families, company work groups and others take the our certification training courses solely to accelerate their own personal growth, improve communications and achieve significant life transformations. “Hypnosis and NLP” simply teaches you to overcome limitations and approach your problems or goals in new ways! It is a magnificent gift to give yourself (and others around you) offering the opportunity to be free of unconscious programming and to rest deeply in the essence of a joyful life.

2015 Training Starts June 13th in beautiful Santa Cruz California

Hypnotherapy Training 2015Training Price Information 2015

A “CE” provider!  Get Continuing Education Credit Here!

(LMFT, LCSW, LEP and LPCC. Others coming soon such as Nurses and more)

Continuing Education Credit

Options for CERTIFICATION TRAINING at The Institute for Transpersonal Studies:

1. BASIC: “Certified Hypnotherapist / NLP” Training (level 1-4)
OUR BEST RECOMMEDATION! No Prerequisite classes or experience required.
(up to 200 hours of intensive training ending with professional certification, 4 levels)

2. ADVANCED: “Clinical Hypnotherapist” 250 hours training (level 5)
Prerequisite: “Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist” Training (level 1-4)
(50 hours of advanced training during 5 day training ending in “clinical” certification)

3. CUSTOMIZED Certication or Training: Inquire about a customized schedule for personalized training or certification at the Los Gatos or Santa Cruz offices of the Institute for Transpersonal Studies.  Ask about inviting Rainya Dann to work with your group, family or company for dynamic improvements in communication, performance and balancing group tranquility.

4. FREE Introductory Events: Start your quet by joining us at a FREE Introductory events and weekly Meetups in Los Gatos or call for free consultation with Director Rainya Dann. No obilgation ever!

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